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We often take Trades that need to be moved on, some will get listed on Trade Me.
Alternatively small and light Alloy Rigs play a large role in recreational boating
like a Fyran 440.
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A family favourite 17ft Glass cabin boat or perhaps a tinny for fishing with kids.
Suggestions would be a Buccaneer 525 Elite or Fyran 530 Rebel.
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Lots to choose from – like the latest Huntsman 7m Diesel or Buccaneer’s new
725 Sportsman – even up to the Beneteau A8.80 with twin double berths and all the Goodies.
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Later Model 635 Buccaneer or the Extreme fishing boats for a serious fisherman
even a special deal on something new in 6 metres.

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Getting into something bigger or newer – perhaps a new 525 Buccaneer or a used 6m Huntsman or Haines Hunter SF600. Great for fishing and family fun.

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Reflex / Chianti 485/2004
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  • Reflex / Chianti 485
    Reflex / Chianti 485
  • Reflex / Chianti 485
    Reflex / Chianti 485
  • Reflex / Chianti 485
    Reflex / Chianti 485
Reflex / Chianti 485/2004 Boat Package
Reflex / Chianti 485 Summary:
Great rig for someone wanting a boat that is under 5 meters. Has the reliable Yamaha motor and a Hosking multi roll trailer. This is a top quality package. The accessories are of very good quality and practical . The price is amazing under $35,000. Great value here!
Reflex / Chianti 485 Accessories:
Ship to shore radio,Hummingbird fish finder & GPS, Opening windscreen, Ski pole, Stereo ,Navigation lights,Table ,Road cover ,Auxillary motor bracket, Fire extinguisher,Flares, Rod holders, Tie downs, and a transom ladder.


This boat is:
White and red
See this boat at RBS / Albany.


Price: $34,995.00
from $136.04 week
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Package price:
Finance option:
Finance option:
from $136.04 week